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Table 1 GRACE components and specifications

From: Characterization of acoustic detection efficiency using a gliding robotic fish as a mobile receiver platform

Component Description
Hull dimensions 103 × 20 × 30 cm (L x W x H)
Tail-to-nose length 140 cm
Wingspan 60 cm
Weight 20 kg
Robot hull material Carbon fiber
Battery capacity 555 W H Li-ion polymer (approx. 5 days of continuous actuation with 1400 dive cycles @ 5-min intervals)
Processors Raspberry Pi Zero W, Microchip dsPIC30F6014A MCU
Communication XBee
Positioning GPS and pressure sensor
Orientation VN100S IMU and attitude and heading reference system
Buoyancy tank volume 190 mL
Pitch controla + 40° (pitching up), − 25° (pitching down)
Average swimming speed 25 cm/s
Average glide speed 13 cm/s (as low as 5 cm/s against current and a high of 35 cm/s with current)
Environmental sensors Dissolved oxygen and temperature, photosynthetically active radiation, freshwater blue green algae, chlorophyll
  1. aDue to fabrication and balancing imperfections, the magnitude of the pitch angle when pitching down is smaller than that for pitching up