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Table 1 Summary information for free-living Burmese pythons, deployment times, and tag types

From: Accelerometry to study fine-scale activity of invasive Burmese pythons (Python bivittatus) in the wild

Python ID Total length (cm) Sex Mass (kg) Observation period Number of days at large Acceleration data logger tag type Mean body temp. (C)
P42 407 F 22.1 9/27/10–10/16/10 19 Vemco (12-bit) 28.68**
P42* " " 21.8 12/17/10–12/30/10 13 Cefas (8-bit) 16.20
P41 466 F 51 12/17/10–3/22/11 95 Cefas (8-bit) 23.36
P51 508 F 63.6 2/17/12–4/22/12 65 Cefas (8-bit) 26.08
P52 537 F 74.6 3/12/12–4/19–12 38 Cefas (8-bit) 27.16
  1. Summary biological and observation period data for each Burmese python (Python bivittatus) tagged with acceleration data loggers (ADL) in Everglades National Park, South Florida, USA
  2. * Python P42 died 13 days after being tagged for the second time; data from this deployment not used in other analyses unless noted recorded by ADL
  3. ** Body temperature data from this deployment measured by an implanted iButton Temperature logger