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Table 1 Definition of water quality categories (WQCs)

From: An acoustic sensor transmitter for in situ assessment of water quality and fish behaviour during chemical treatment of a parasite-infected river system: tag design and practical use

Water quality category Range of conductivity average (µScm−1)   Number of conductivity fluctuation events (|κt—κt − 1|> 5 µScm−1) Description
WQC0 0–25 And  = 0 Normal river water, main stem
WQC1 26–40 And  < 4 Stabilized river water during Al treatment
WQC2 0–25 And  > 0 River water with groundwater influence, or other atypical variations in conductivity, or brackish water (estuary)
26–40 And  ≥ 4
> 40 And Any
  1. WQCs are based on certain combinations of average conductivity and the variation between consecutive conductivity measurements, or fluctuation events, over a 3-h interval containing a total of 180 measurements. A fluctuation event was defined to happen when conductivity changed by more than 5 µScm−1 in 60 s