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Table 3 Description of variables included in the model selection process

From: Influence of thermal stratification and storms on acoustic telemetry detection efficiency: a year-long test in the US Southern Mid-Atlantic Bight

Name Units Range Type Source
Detection frequency Detections transmissions−1 day−1 0–1 Response Derived
Ambient noise at 69 kHz mV 171.3–703.9 Predictor Recorded by receiver in situ
Distance m 0–800 Predictor Derived from GPS location of receiver deployment
Sea surface temperature (SST) °C 3.5–27.4 Predictor JPL MUR MEaSUREs Project [52]
Bottom water temperature (BWT) °C 2.9–24.6 Predictor Recorded by receiver in situ
ΔT °C −1.7–17.4 Predictor Derived: ΔT = SST—BWT