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Table 2 Beginning and ending dates for seasonal designations used in acoustic telemetry data analysis of lake sturgeon tagged in the Buffalo Harbor area of Lake Erie

From: Large- and small-scale movement and distribution of acoustically tagged lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in eastern Lake Erie

Year Pre-spawning Spawning Summer Fall Total days
2016 March 30–May 14 May 15–June 17 June 18–August 14 August 15 to September 27 181
2017 March 31–May 14 May 15–June 10 June 11–July 25 July 26–October 16 199
2018 April 27–May 20 May 21–June 18 June 19–August 18 August 19–October 9 165
  1. Seasons were based upon water temperatures in recorded by the National Weather Service near the Buffalo water treatment intake at 9.1 m of depth. Spawning season began when water temperature passed 10 °C, Summer season began when water temperature passed 18 °C, and Fall season began once water temperatures began to decline