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Table 1 Telemetry stations and regions of lower San Joaquin River and Delta used in predator filter in 2016 Chinook salmon case study

From: Diagnosing predated tags in telemetry survival studies of migratory fishes in river systems

Telemetry station Name CRB filter region
A1 Durham Ferry Upstream I
A2 Durham Ferry Downstream I
A3 McMullin Road 1 I
A4 McMullin Road 2 I
A5 Banta Carbona I
A6 Mossdale I
A7 River Islands Parkway I
A8 Lathrop IIA
A9a Undine Road IIA
A10a Dos Reis Park IIA
A11a Frewert Road IIA
A12a Brandt Bridge IIA
A13a Howard Road IIA
A14a Weston Ranch IIA
A15a French Camp Slough IIA
A16 Garwood Bridge IIA
A17 Navy Bridge IIA
A18 Calaveras River IIA
A19 Shipping Channel IIIA
A20 MacDonald Island IIIA
B1 Old River East IIB
B2 Old River South IIB
C1 Head of Middle River IIB
R1 Rough and Ready Island IIA
T1 Turner Cut IIIA
  1. See Fig. 1 for location of study areas. Tags were released at Durham Ferry (A0). CRB Filter Region = regions defined for Complex Rule-based predator filter (see Tag Predation Additional file 1). Core area: all stations except A1, B2, and C1
  2. aReceivers used in associated predator study [37, 38]