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Figure 1

From: Habitat selection by bluetongue lizards (Tiliqua, Scincidae) in tropical Australia: a study using GPS telemetry

Figure 1

Typical habitats predominantly utilized by bluetongue lizards at two sites within northern Australia. (a,b,c) Keep River National Park, NT and (d,e,f), Kununurra, WA. (a) Scattered open forests dominated by flooded box or coolibah, Eucalyptus microtheca. A typical core area is located at the base of the tree, typical non-preferred areas occur around the periphery. (d) A typical patch of riparian vegetation in the background with non-preferred open paddock habitat in the foreground. Smaller inserts display typical microhabitat characteristics that are associated with core areas: (b) native jasmine, (c) white currant bush, (e) buffel grass, (f) rough-leafed fig.

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