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Table 1 Parameter estimates from the mixture model

From: Identifying when tagged fishes have been consumed by piscivorous predators: application of multivariate mixture models to movement parameters of telemetered fishes

Parameter Mean Estimate a Standard deviation Estimate a
Lévy exponent, predators μ P,b 1.84 (0.033) σ P,b 1.23 (0.048)
Lévy exponent, smolts μ S,b -0.304 (0.008) σ S,b 1.46 (0.003)
Tortuosity, predators μ P,τ 0.565 (0.037) σ P,τ 0.070 (0.048)
Tortuosity, smolts μ S,τ 0.944 (0.001) σ S,τ 0.001 (0.0001)
  1. aThe parameters were estimated from the entire population of track segments (tagged salmonids and tagged predators). Values in parentheses are standard errors estimated from 500 bootstrap simulations.