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Figure 6

From: An approach for filtering hyperbolically positioned underwater acoustic telemetry data with position precision estimates

Figure 6

An evaluation of the performance of the VPS array with a mobile tag. (a) A schematic depicting receiver positions (+) and the coast (black line) during the 2010 research season. A mobile tag test was completed on 7/6/2010. The small dots represent the VPS estimated positions during the mobile test. There were a total of 126 correctly retained positions (black , <6 m error, <HPE 8), 5 correctly rejected positions (blue), 3 incorrectly rejected positions (orange), and 5 incorrectly retained positions (red). The incorrectly rejected (n = 3) positions occurred consecutively and were located at the furthest distance from the array in the left transect. (b) A graph scaled to cover positions with an HPE between 0 and 20 depicts correctly rejected, correctly retained, incorrectly rejected, and incorrectly retained positions. All values with an HPE greater than 20 were correctly rejected (n = 3, not shown). Euclidean distance is our best estimate of measured error.

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