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Fig. 3

From: Does estimator choice influence our ability to detect changes in home-range size?

Fig. 3

Variability of home-range estimators with respect to sample size. Difference between the 97.5 percentile and 2.5 percentile (horizontal gray bars), and the interquartile range (horizontal solid black lines) of the sampling distributions of coefficients associated with a linear model relating log(home-range size) to the amount of favorable habitat of animals moving according to simulation model 2. We present results for six home-range estimators for three different sampling rates (columns) and five different sample sizes (i.e., the number of animals that were tracked). The absence of an effect of amount of favorable habitat on home-range size is indicated if the difference between the 97.5 percentile and 2.5 percentile of the sampling distribution of the slope overlaps 0 (vertical dashed red line)

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