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Fig. 5

From: Processing and visualising association data from animal-borne proximity loggers

Fig. 5

Schematic illustrating the filtering and amalgamation of proximity-logging data. a RSSImean values for all encounter logs between crows #81 and #74 between 5:15 and 7:15 hours on day 14, as recorded by tag #81 (blue) and tag #74 (red). Amalgamation is performed at a given filter criterion (FC) (here, RSSImean ≥15), as indicated by the dashed horizontal line. The first step is to discard all encounter logs which do not fulfil the FC, which produces the data shown in b. Using these data, the two crows are defined to be engaged in an encounter at any time when either tag is receiving a signal from the other tag (cf. Fig. 2). c A timeline plot indicating with green shading the times at which there is an encounter between the two crows. Consecutive encounter logs separated by a gap of less than 23 s have been concatenated to form a single encounter (see main text)

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