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Fig. 7

From: Processing and visualising association data from animal-borne proximity loggers

Fig. 7

Dynamic encounter data for a population of wild New Caledonian crows. Timeline plots showing all encounters with RSSImean ≥15 on day 7. The timeline of each crow is represented by a horizontal line, with green shading between two timelines indicating the period during which the two individuals were engaged in an encounter (cf. Fig. 5c). Each timeline is labelled with tag ID, age (J juvenile; I immature; A adult) and sex (F female; M male), and the labels are coloured according to community membership (for details of community assignment, see [15]). In a crows are ordered according to ascending tag ID, while in b, the ordering has been calculated to minimise the total area of green shading (for the first 7 days of data collection). Data are from [15]

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