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Table 2 Comparison between high-resolution hunting time and each low-resolution foraging effort metric

From: From high-resolution to low-resolution dive datasets: a new index to quantify the foraging effort of marine predators

Low-resolution dive foraging effort indices Huntinghighres time
Weddell seal SES
Bt60 0.71 0.39
Bt80 0.49 0.31
Desc_rate 0.16 0.002
Asc_rate 0.2 0.001
TAD index 0.03 0.18
Huntinglowres time 0.94 0.67
  1. R 2 of Spearman correlations between high-resolution and low-resolution foraging effort indices after removing 141 likely SES drift dives (see “Statistical analysis”, Additional file 1). Huntinghighres time is the total time spent in “huntinghighres” mode (highly sinuous phases of the dive) per high-resolution dive. The low-resolution dive foraging effort indices are: the time spent below 80 and 60 % of the maximum dive depth (bt80 and bt60), the descent/ascent rate from/to the surface to/from the first/last broken stick inflexion point, the time allocation at depth index (TAD index) and the huntinglowres time (see Fig. 1 for description)
  2. SES southern elephant seals