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Table 3 Model output of nonlinear component of most parsimonious generalized additive model (selected from among nine candidate models, see Table 2) to describe monthly patterns in 1000-m transmitter detection probability at 4 receiver lines in Lake Huron

From: Probability of acoustic transmitter detections by receiver lines in Lake Huron: results of multi-year field tests and simulations

Smooth term edf F p
Line 1 4.952 4.973 0.000
Line 2 3.912 1.843 0.001
Line 3 3.550 0.702 0.084
Line 4 4.072 1.294 0.007
  1. A smoothed term for each receiver line was included in the most parsimonious model. Estimated degrees of freedom (edf) represent the degree of nonlinear patterns in the smoother line (linear relationship = 1, edf values >1 indicate increasing nonlinear structure). F and p represent summary of statistical tests for a relationship between months and the probability of detecting an acoustic transmitter for each smoothing function (i.e., test of null hypothesis = 0 for each smoothing function). Autocorrelation structure was included to account for patterns in model residuals. See Fig. 1 for map of study area