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Fig. 2 | Animal Biotelemetry

Fig. 2

From: Movements of dead fish in rivers

Fig. 2

Frequency distribution of maximum distance drifted for dead European silver eels (a) and Atlantic salmon smolts (b). Maximum distance drifted after release for individual dead European silver eels (a) and Atlantic salmon smolts (b). The cumulative relative frequency distributions of drift distance drifted in the Sieg (blue line), Kinzig (red line), Diemel (green line) and for all fish (black line) are also included. For scavenged fish or fish with an uncertain fate, maximum distance drifted before they disappeared or moved upstream is used. If they were never found during tracking surveys or registered by receiver sites after release, they are excluded from this analysis. Bin width is 1 km for eel and 0.1 km for smolts

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