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Table 2 Symptoms of deceased metamorphosing juvenile sea lamprey from both tagged and untagged groups used as part of a survival analysis study

From: Assessment of PIT tag retention and post-tagging survival in metamorphosing juvenile sea lamprey

Symptoms observed Number of mortalities Median days until death Maximum days until death
Tagged lampreys
Protruding viscera 4 (2.6) 8 17
No symptoms 4 (2.6) 41 45
Small bulge 2 (1.3) 35 35
Fungus 1 (0.7) 27 27
Untagged lampreys
No symptoms 4 (3.3) 19 23
Fungus 3 (2.5) 44 47
  1. The number of mortalities observed for each symptom type, median, and maximum number of days until death for lampreys with each symptom are shown; percentage of mortalities among all tagged and untagged lamprey is given in parentheses