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Fig. 6

From: Characterizing activity and assessing bycatch survival of Pacific halibut with accelerometer Pop-up Satellite Archival Tags

Fig. 6

Hourly PSAT metrics, swimming bouts, depth, and activity modes in Port Frederick fish. Example of hourly subset data for two free-ranging Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis), Fish PF-2 and Fish PF-3, tagged with Pop-up Satellite Archival Tags (PSATs) in Port Frederick (PF), Alaska. a Hourly count of swimming bouts (black line) and PSAT metrics “knockdowns” (KDs, count of abrupt changes in tilt, red line) and “%tilt” (proportion of time spent active, dashed blue line) with activity mode classification (stationary: dark blue, hopping: magenta, sustained swimming: yellow) for July 20, 2015. b Detailed (1 Hz) depth records with activity mode classification for July 20, 2015. c Normalized KD versus normalized tilt for all hours of subset data (n = 120 per fish) categorized by activity mode. Dashed line indicates value of normalized %tilt used to define activity modes (see Fig. 7c)

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