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Fig. 5 | Animal Biotelemetry

Fig. 5

From: Deep learning accurately predicts white shark locomotor activity from depth data

Fig. 5

Generalized versus native model performance. Comparable model predictions resulted when artificial neural networks (ANNs) were trained on vertical movements from one shark and applied to estimate the locomotor activity of both the same individual and a second shark, for which there was no training. Observed (black line) overall dynamic body acceleration (ODBA) for a shark 1 and b shark 2 were estimated following training on the same (blue; native) and the other (red; generalized) individual. Residual plots (shark 1 and 2; c and d, respectively) from the observed/predicted comparisons for the same (blue) and the other (red) individual demonstrate no bias when generalizing the model to predict locomotor behavior across individuals. Both native and generalized models outperformed a null model—the median calculated value of ODBA across increasing integrated time periods

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