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Fig. 1

From: Migration routes and habitat use of a highly adaptable salmonid (sea trout, Salmo trutta) in a complex marine area

Fig. 1

a Map of the seas surrounding Denmark. Outlets of the four rivers where tagging took place are given. Dashed lines represent the limits between the Wadden sea, North Sea/Skagerrak and Kattegat Sea used in the analysis. b Example of sea surface (0.49 m depth) salinity in the region (white cells represent land). The strong gradient in the area is clear. c Sea surface (0–2 m) temperatures in the region on four different days of 2013 when six of the kelts were at liberty. Note the fast response to meteorological forcing in the Kattegat during spring compared to the North Sea and that the Skagerrak and North Sea heat up slower than the Baltic in July and August. Data downloaded from

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