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Fig. 4

From: Detecting commonality in multidimensional fish movement histories using sequence analysis

Fig. 4

Time-varying transition frequencies. Transition frequencies for sea lamprey (n = 27) in the St. Clair River Detroit River system. The color scale grades from blue (1 individual) to red (27 individuals) and each cell represents the number of fish, at 1 h intervals, remaining in the same state, moving upstream (rug plot above the same state transition lines), or moving downstream (rug plot below the same state transition lines). States are ordered from downstream to upstream; LE Lake Erie, DRL Lower Detroit R., DRU Upper Detroit R., LSC L. St. Clair, SCL Lower St. Clair R., SCU Upper St. Clair R., and LH Lake Huron. All fish were released on May 16, 2014 in the Lower Detroit River (DRL) and each tick represents 4 days

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