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Table 3 Transmitters present in array during study period

From: Performance of an ultrasonic telemetry positioning system under varied environmental conditions

Site Transmitters (n) Transmitter location Transmitter type Fixed transmitter delay (s) Estimated total transmissions emitted/day Positioning efficiency of fixed transmitters
Coastal 6 Fixed V9-2H 450-500 8,986 0.02
46 Animal V9-2H 450-500
Estuarine 10 Fixed V13-1 L 600-800 31,114 0.28
3 Fixed V13-1 L 170-310
20 Animal V13-1 L 30-90
Riverine 5 Fixed V13-1H 600-800 27,906 0.00
1 Fixed V16-1 L 600-800
22 Animal variable Variable
  1. Positioning efficiency is median of efficiencies calculated at 12-hr intervals per tag. Only fixed tags were used directly in analyses. However animal tags are noted as they may increase collision rates of ultrasonic signals within an array.