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Fig. 3

From: Development of an animal-borne “sonar tag” for quantifying prey availability: test deployments on northern elephant seals

Fig. 3

Track, dive, and acoustic data associated with translocated seal #2. a Track and b dive data for seal #2, with green denoting times when the sonar tag was pinging. c One hour subset of the acoustic data associated with the region denoted by 1 in panels a and b showing low scattering associated with travel-type dives. The raw acoustic data collected as a function of range have been corrected for the depth of the animal; note that for ease presentation, the acoustic data are plotted starting at the animal’s depth and extending vertically downwards even though the transducer was mounted on the animal sideways looking. d One hour of acoustic data showing low scattering observed in region 3 during benthic-type dives. e, f High scattering and multiple targets observed in region 2, associated with benthic-type dives conducted as the animal adopted a more tortuous track along the northern flank of Monterey Canyon

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